Nursery and Preschool Information

We love babies and children at SCBC! Our nursery provides safe and nurturing care for infants up through age 4 so that parents have an opportunity to go to an adult Bible study class and worship service to be able to learn the Word and become more equipped as the spiritual leaders in the home.

We have different classes available for various ages. In each of our rooms at 9:15, we have dedicated group of volunteers who work each Sunday to provide continuity and a sense of stability. At 10:30, we have several caring adults who rotate in each of the classes to allow everyone the opportunity to participate in the worship service. All of our volunteers are required to undergo a background check to help ensure the safety of our children.

Rather than strictly defined age groups, we want groups of children who develop friendships as they learn and grow together. As such, the various class ages are flexible and dynamic.

The Birds' Nest is for our youngest children. They are typically infants through 18 months.

The Farm Yard is for our older nursery children. This class is typically anywhere from 18 months to 4 years.

  • Our 9:15 class is using Bible-in-Life. Bible-in-Life communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity, motivating students to apply what they've learned at every stage of spiritual growth. Each week, students connect with each other and with God's Word, study God's Word together, explore key themes and takeaways through activities and crafts, and respond to God's Word by applying it to life. The children in this class are given paper copies of a take-home devotional to do with parents.
  • Our primary teaching takes place at 9:15 for this age group, but our 10:30 class does have a weekly Bible story. The weekly take-home devotional, Heart Tugs, can be found by clicking the link below. 

Click here to access Heart Tugs on Google Drive

Click here for information about illnesses and the church nursery.

To reduce the risk of allergic reactions, we only serve Rice Chex-type cereal in our older class. We have Cheerios in the youngest room. Please let the volunteers know if your child shouldn't have Rice Chex or Cheerios.

We are grateful for the chance to love on your children and introduce them to our loving Savior.